” How To Easily Train Your Dog…

…Even stubborn, won’t listen or reactive dogs!

Without Frustration or Overwhelm”

THAT DOESN’T Use Force, Special Equipment or Corrections…
In a FEW MINUTES here and there.

Learn more than most will ever know!  

  • I'll walk you through 3 KEY SECRETS to gain Willingness, Confidence and Trust.
  • The EASY way to teach your dog to Walk Nicely Without Pulling.
  • How to teach Fast Spin and race to you Recalls.
  • Learn the 1 PROVEN method that will Stop your dog Racing Off to Chase Wildlife, Livestock or Dogs.
  • Know EXACTLY what to do to END Reactive behaviour.

 In 6 WEEKS And Have The
Without Force, Reprimands or Punishments

It's Fun. It's Simple. It Saves You Time and Money. It's Proven to Work.

  • If your dog feels like HARD WORK
  • Causing you to feel DISHEARTENED and FRUSTRATED
  • You DON’T KNOW HOW to turn things around.
  • You’ve been SEEKING ADVICE.
  • TRIED a number of QUICK FIXES.
  • But this dog is DIFFERENT.
  • You’re looking for PRACTICAL HELP
  • To have a HAPPY, CONFIDENT and WILLING dog that you know will always LISTEN, FOCUS and RESPOND… Everywhere.

Kind Words From Happy Members.

Before the course, Annie paid me very little attention and trying to train her in obedience was really difficult, especially if there were other dogs around. Now, even with other dogs running around, Annie is really focused on me and is enjoying our training. Thank you for enabling me to enjoy my dog again.
Cheryl A
We have seen such an improvement with both dogs in only a week!
Having two dogs at the beach has always been massively stressful for us in itself. But then having two toddlers as well... it normally didn't end on a positive note. I wanted to share the win we had at the beach today. They were coming back to us when called and spent a lot of the day laying in the shade with us. We didn't have to pack up and go because of them which was so nice for my husband and I. Plus I think I'm having more fun than they are!
Alison S
Western Australia
I did your focus on fun online course with my 2 dogs. I would like to thank you for this course. My reactive nervous dog, Pip trialed on the weekend. We had a dog run into our ring which freaked her out, but I called her and she came straight to me (recall from your course). My over aroused dog near agility ring focused on me and dropped near a ring waiting! It has taken daily practice for a few minutes every day but I saw the rewards so much on the weekend. Again, thank you.
Vivian G
I completed the online course and I must say, it was FABULOUS. The course was extremely easy to follow, the games and exercises were broken down into the easy to follow steps, and it really was Focused On FUN. I now use the course games as references for both my own training, and for cool ideas to teach my obedience classes. The Focus On Fun Team were always very contactable if I needed help or advice. I am actually extending my course access so I can continue to refer back to the lessons for great ideas
Cathy J
I can't believe the difference in my dog. I go to dog club and he can ignore everything. My friends are impressed and honestly, so am I. You made it simple and we have so much fun now. He has really calmed down and the Grand kids are not frightened of him now. They love him too! I wish I knew what I know now so much earlier. It would have saved so much grief. I am telling everyone how great your online course is and I know one friend is signing up. Thank you so much.
To all those who want a better relationship with their dog(s) - and who doesn't? - I would highly recommend Focus on Fun. Not only does Patricia provide insights on all aspects of basic training, she is there to answer any questions that may arise and the value of watching videos for training is without peer. Great inspiration.
Carol C
Western Australia
An absolutely great course suitable for dogs of any age and particularly useful for puppies. It gave me the things my puppy needed to learn and the tools to solve problems. The course has many videos, theory and a Facebook group for discussion.
Nyorie L
I did your course and I can hardly believe my dog now. He can be approached by other dogs and he is social towards them.
Rhonda R
New South Wales
Focus on Fun Training does exactly what it says it will do. I have been working slowly through the content with my 3 Bearded Collies and having great success. The games are easy to follow and offer an insight into my dogs point of view. All 3 of my dogs are responding very well to these fun games and are more focused and willing to do what I ask.
Laura E
I love this course. It is like my bible! Thank you again.
Vivian O'G
I had a mini melt down last week because my dog wouldn't stop barraging through the front door. Just now my husband took some rubbish out to the bin. He left the front door open and she stood politely inside the front door the whole time. Oh, and my dogs aren't reacting to other dogs in the yard, which has been great!
Alison S
Western Australia
At the trial both my dogs were 100% focused on me. Walking them together around the rings before the competition started, not one distraction interfered with our walk. I was complimented on their lovely focus! If I stopped, they sat and focused on me! So thank you. Pip got a first in Agility and a second in Jumping, now off to the Natiaonals next week!. Again, thank you.
Vivian G
I just wanted to let you know how happy and pleased I am with the progress my dog Pickle has made with her training. She has gone from rushing through gates like a mad thing to sitting and letting me go through the gate and stays sitting until I say OK. She doesn't run up the stairs in front of us any more but waits for us to walk in front of her. Same walking down the hallway. She sits to receive her food. Pickle has found her manners. We have much more to learn but I can't believe the progress she has made. Thank you.
Rosita A
Northern Territory
Focus on Fun is not only great value, it is a great course for the novice aglitter or a top competitor. I can honestly say that my dogs and I are now in sync with everything we do and I can say that the distractions presented daily to dogs living in the country can put any recall to the test! If I were ever asked for my opinion I would definitely say that you would never regret investing in a course run by Pat Brewer
Tracey E
New South Wales