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Karen shares her story…
Karen achieved these exciting results in only 5 days even though… She does not own the dog.  And she has no previous dog training experience!  Imagine what we can achieve together in 12 months.


Linda’s journey with Ruby…
Linda says the ‘Pathway’ is brilliant, and it works. Even if she misses three weeks of training, Ruby remembers. She fits in 5 minutes after work to play the games, and she can’t believe the difference. This is her story…

Ang’s journey with Tinks…
Ang joined the ‘Pathway’ because her golden retriever was stubborn, would not come when she was called and she pulled her everywhere on the lead.
They love the course. It has been lots of fun and they have been Happy Learning!

Annette’s journey with Holly…
Holly was a 4 month old puppy, that needed a lot of training.  She was wild!  They joined during lockdown.  Annette discovered everything is clearly explained, and it all makes perfect sense.  Molly is now a responsive dog thanks to this brilliant program.

Vivian with Pip & Matilda…
Vivian had a dream. It was to compete in dog agility with Matilda and Pip. But they were both reactive and impossible to control. This caused her to feel seriously worried, and she had almost given up hope. She joined ‘Pathway’ and is overjoyed with the results. She now has two well-behaved dogs and is living her dream.

This course is amazing! We were totally at the end of our dog training abilities as soon as we took on Collie as a rescue. We knew it would be challenging and we knew she would be difficult but we didn't realise how exhausting and demoralising it would be for all of us. We persevered for about 18 months with a patchy and unpredictable outcome. This course has filled the missing links in our knowledge and Collie's previous training. We are over the moon with how awesome Collie was yesterday. It was a really difficult situation for her. Lots of noise. Lots of movement. We had visitors with children! Collie was a super star all day. She didn't even try to round us the squealing 5 year old. This course has changed our lives and Collies! I think the nicest thing about the course is how much happier we all are in our family now.
Traci R.
And her rescue dog, Collie.
The Focus on Fun Pathway is not only great value, it is a great course for a novice or top competitor. I admit I always thought I knew quite a bit about dog training, after all I have dotted on everything that Susan Garret has been saying on the subject for at least the last 12 years. I have also been a fan of Dr. Ian Dunbar, but I have to say that I learned a lot more from Patricia Brewer's Focus on Fun on-line course. I can honestly say that my dogs and I are now in sync with everything we do. Even when faced with the distractions presented daily to my dogs living in the country. They put any recall to the test! I definitely say that you will never regret investing in this course.
Tracey Elder
I would like to thank you for this course. My reactive and nervous dog, Pip entered a trial on the weekend. We had a dog run into our ring which freaked her out. I called and she came straight to me thanks to the Recalls from your course. Matilda was crazy around an Agility ring and at dog club. I used to worry sick what dog she would want to have a go at this week! Today she was able to focus on me near the agility ring and remain calmly in a down near the ring. So I tested the boundaries and walked them together around the rings. Not one distraction interfered with our walk. They were focused on me. I was even complimented on their behaviour! I have spent a few minutes each day and saw the rewards so much on the weekend. Again, thank you. This course is like my Bible and I will be signing up again
Vivian O.
Before the course, Annie paid me very little attention and trying to train her was really difficult, especially if there were other dogs around. Now, even with other dogs running around, Annie is focused on me and enjoying our training. Thank you for enabling me to enjoy my dog again.
Cheryl Ann
Victoria, Australia
An absolutely great course suitable for dogs of any age and I found it particularly useful for puppies. It gave me the things my puppy needed to learn and the tools to solve problems. Thank you.
Nyoria Linder
My dog, Heidi is very anxious, noise reactive and dog reactive. I completed the Focus On Fun online course and I must say, it was FABULOUS. It was extremely easy to follow, the games and exercise are broken down into easy to follow steps. And it really is Focussed on FUN. I now use the course games as references for both my own training, and for cool ideas to teach my obedience classes. I am actually signing up again so that I can continue to refer back to the lessons for great ideas. The Focus on Fun PATHWAY is a valuable course for all dog sports and any one that wants a well behaved dog.
Cathy James
Volunteer Obedience Instructor, Victoria
I just wanted to let you know how happy and pleased I am with the progress my dog Pickle has made with her training. She has gone from rushing through gates like mad to sitting and waiting till I say OK. She doesn't run up the stairs in front of us any more. She waits. There are so many things that are different. She has found her manners! I can't believe the progress she has made. Thank you.
Rosita A.
Northern Territory
I recommend the focus on Fun Pathway to any body who is serious about improving their dog's behaviour. It is a very good foundation and your dogs can go on to do any discipline from here. I have needed help with my dog and Patricia is always there to help me in anyway see can.
Julie Ludbey
The boys recalls have been getting better and better. A Kangaroo hopped down the road... and I tried to remain calm. I called them, and Wow! They came back. FIRST TIME EVER!!!
Judy Mck.
To all those who want a better relationship with their dog(s) - and who doesn't? I highly recommend the Focus on Fun Pathway. Not only does Patricia provide insights on all aspect of basic training, she is there to answer any questions. The value of watching videos for training is without peer. Great inspiration..
Carol C.
Western Australia
My dog acted aggressive to other dogs. I did your course and I can hardly believe my dog now. He can be approached by other dogs even when he is on lead and he is social towards them! It has changed my dog completely. Thank you.
Rhonda R.
New South Wales
Bingo was a nightmare. I just kept thinking what have I got myself into. Once Tom had to rugby tackle him to catch him when he decided that recall was not for him. Now, I go for walks with friends and they are amazed by how much he looks back to see what I am doing and spins to me when I call. I don't worry now.
Jos M.
The Focus on Fun Pathway is precisely that - focusing on creating good habits and behaviours which keep our dogs safe and happy. Both dogs have improved leaps and bounds and the extra tips provided were so useful. The whole experience has been fun for all of us. We absolutely recommend this training for everyone. Thank you so, so much.
Amanda Molina
Clear, concise and uncluttered. Cannot thank you enough for including a Pathway, rather than a collection of ideas with no structure.
Donna Lawler
This course has been a real eye opener and helped me with an anxious dog that isn't very confident. Thanks Patricia for always being there when I needed some advice or when I struggled. I also love the Facebook community.
Sophi Demeere
Fantastic fun and informative course for you and your dog. Every dog owner should do it.
Maggie Hall


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