The 'Reward That Choice' Game


  • Your dog must be able to see the food. Hold your hand below the dog’s nose, not above the dog’s nose.
  • Do not pull your hand away. The only thing that moves is the opening and closing of your hand.
  • Wear thick long sleeves, and if your dog tries to bite, then wear protective gloves.
  • If the dog is too intense, lower the value of the treat.  
  • If your dog is becoming frustrated and giving up, raise the value of the treat.
  • Keep the training session short… no more than 5 minutes.
  • Use a leash the first time you play the game.


Why Are Members Of The
“PATHWAY” Excited?

Ang’s journey with Tinks…
Ang joined the ‘Pathway’ because her golden retriever was stubborn, would not come when she was called and she pulled her everywhere on the lead.
They love the course. It has been lots of fun and they have been Happy Learning!

Vivian with Pip & Matilda…
Vivian had a dream. It was to compete in dog agility with Matilda and Pip. But they were both reactive and impossible to control. This caused her to feel seriously worried, and she had almost given up hope. She joined ‘Pathway’ and is overjoyed with the results. She now has two well-behaved dogs and is living her dream.

Linda’s journey with Ruby…
Linda says the ‘Pathway’ is brilliant, and it works. Even if she misses three weeks of training, Ruby remembers. She fits in 5 minutes after work to play the games, and she can’t believe the difference. This is her story…

Annette’s journey with Holly…
Holly was a 4 month old puppy, that needed a lot of training.  She was wild!  They joined during lockdown.  Annette discovered everything is clearly explained, and it all makes perfect sense.  Molly is now a responsive dog thanks to this brilliant program.

Before the course, Annie paid me very little attention and trying to train her was really difficult, especially if there were other dogs around. Now, even with other dogs running around, Annie is focused on me and enjoying our training. Thank you for enabling me to enjoy my dog again.
Cheryl A.
Victoria, Australia
I would like to thank you for this course. My reactive and nervous dog, Pip entered a trial on the weekend. We had a dog run into our ring which freaked her out. I called and she came straight to me thanks to the Recalls from your course. My over aroused dog was able to focus on me near the agility ring and remain calmly in a down near the ring. I have spent a few minutes each day and saw the rewards so much on the weekend. Again, thank you.
Vivian O.
An absolutely great course suitable for dogs of any age and I found it particularly useful for puppies. It gave me the things my puppy needed to learn and the tools to solve problems. Thank you.
Nyoria L.

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